Senate health-care bill faces serious resistance from GOP moderates

Washington Post - 9 hours ago
A small group of moderate Republican senators, worried that their leaders' health-care bill could damage the nation's social safety net, may pose at least as significant an obstacle to the...

Pakistan oil tanker inferno kills at least 123

BBC News - 2 hours ago
At least 123 people were killed when a lorry transporting oil burst into flames near the Pakistani city of Ahmedpur East, local officials say. A crowd had gathered reportedly to collect fuel leaking...

Trump: Obama 'did nothing' about Russia election meddling

CNN - 17 hours ago
(CNN) President Donald Trump questioned former President Barack Obama's response to Russia's attempts to influence the 2016 election in an interview airing Sunday morning, saying Obama...

Rumors are swirling that Justice Anthony Kennedy will soon retire from the Supreme Court

Business Insider - 7 hours ago
supreme court justice anthony kennedy Associate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy joins other justices of the U.S. Supreme Court for an official group portrait at the Supreme Court Building in Washington,...

Police-Related Killings Of Blacks: Look Back At High-Profile Cases

Patch.com - 6 hours ago
These 21 cases are at the heart of mounting debate about race, policing and the difficulty in gaining convictions of police officers. By Associated Press (Patch National Staff) - Updated June 24,...

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