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North Korean Athletes Will March With South Koreans At Pyeongchang Olympics

NPR - 1 hour ago
The details of how North Korea will participate in the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea are still being worked out — but the two countries say their athletes will march together at the...

Ann Curry "not surprised" by Matt Lauer allegations, says harassment was pervasive at NBC

CBS News - 1 hour ago
Last Updated Jan 17, 2018 8:40 AM EST. In her first television interview since leaving NBC, former "Today" show host Ann Curry is speaking out about the firing of her former co-host Matt...

The Memo: Trump's volatility scrambles prospects of a deal on DACA

The Hill - 4 hours ago
The search for a deal on spending and immigration has been pitched into chaos by the controversy over President Trump · Donald John TrumpDems flip Wisconsin state Senate seat Sessions: 'We...

'New California' movement seeks to divide the Golden State in half

Fox News - 3 hours ago
Two men have launched a campaign to divide rural California from the coastal cities, motivated by what they referred to as a “tyrannical form of government,” that doesn't follow the state or...

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